How young is ‘too young’ to be wearing make up?

It’s inevitable that every teenage girl gets to that age where they want to join the make up hype. But at what age does it become socially acceptable? At Fashion North, the question on our minds today is:

“How young is too young to be wearing make up?” A Californian make up brand are encouraging children to wear make up from a young age, to ‘inspire them as they embark on their beauty journey.’

Petite ‘n Pretty is a Californian make up brand, founded by Sam Cutler, the former chief of product development at Stila Cosmetics.

On the brands website, Sam states: “I created Petite ‘n Pretty to work with petite sized features where each shade and formula is developed to be age appropriate. My goal is to inspire, empower and encourage creativity throughout your beauty journey right from the start.”

The brand stock products from cheek and eye pallettes, lip gloss’, contour brushes, hair and body sparkle glitters, and highlighters. It differs from the standard kid’s lip palettes you find as a stocking filler in the supermarkets as the products range from $16 to $250.

Petite ‘n Pretty’s Instagram hosts 35.5k followers and the feed includes the brand’s products as well as videos and photos from their influencers, including @MarleyGlobal, aged five, who also has 167k followers on her Instagram page, which is run by her parents.


The brand for kids, is, however, safe for the younger generation, as the brand’s website states that the products are cruelty free, paraben free, nut free, phthalate free and are proven safe by doctors and parents, for the use on young skin. The testing for the products has proven that the suggested age is nine+ and safety tested for age five+.

Do we see this as a bit of fun for kids? Or is it too far?

We took to social media to get some opinions from mums in the North East…

Kirsty, from Billingham said: “I personally think it is too young. My daughter Rhyleigh is four and will ask for make up but I will only ever put lips and maybe some eyeshadow on her. Full face, no chance.”

Kelsea, From Teesside said: “I think if they are playing, as in dress up, or at a party, then it’s fine, but as every day then no it’s definitely not okay. It’s bad for their young skin and they don’t need it so early on.”

Clare Stephanie, originally from Ireland said: “Nail varnish and lip balm is okay, but anything else, in my opinion, is too much for such a young age.”

Michelle, from Teesside said: “Definitely too young for a full face of make up. It doesn’t look normal. My daughter Hollie gets lip balm and that’s about it and she’s five. Kids need to be kids.”

Claire, from Billingham said: “My five-year-old will wear it for a party or for fancy dress but not every day and when she does, it would be blusher, eyeshadow and lip gloss.”



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So, at what age did our Fashion North team start wearing make up?

Editor, Candice Farrow said: “I didn’t start wearing make up until about 16 and it was only really mascara and a bit of powder foundation to even out the redness in my skin. I didn’t really get into it until I was 18/19.”

Features editor, Faye Dixon said: “I started wearing make up about age 11 due to my sisters influence.”

Content writer, Victoria Cummings said: “I wore make up at quite a young age but only because of dancing competitions and shows and that would only consist of a bit of mascara, some illuminous eye shadow and lipstick. Properly, I would say around 11/12 when I started comprehensive school.”

Content writer, Caitlin Cooney said: “Sixteen for me, but that was only mascara and concealer so between 16/17. I’m kind of glad that I never felt pressured into wearing make up, I just lived my life to the full until the end of school/college.”

Content writer, Faye Jones said: “Fourteen is when I started wearing make up. Times have deffinetly changed, what happened to dream matte mousse?”

Content writer, Kheira Reeks said: “I started wearing make up properly around the age of 15. I used to wear the occasional powder and mascara for school but it wasn’t until I left school and started college that I started properly buying make up. I used to wear it for dance shows but that was only show make up and it would come off as soon as it was over.”

At what age do you think it’s acceptable for children to wear make up? Tweet us @Fashion_North



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