Hyper femininity – Embrace your inner girl!

Fashion North discovers the trend that is reclaiming traditional feminine attributes, girliness and everything fun!

The hyper-feminine trend has been slowly gaining popularity for several years now, utilising social media such as Instagram and TikTok with the #hyperfeminine hashtag on Instagram having 49 thousand posts, the aesthetic has become vastly popular and influential. As part of the fashion, it is common to see young women dressing in bows, pink and ruffles. The core of the style is for women to reconnect with their younger selves and dress in a way that society deemed not acceptable, essentially proving that girliness has no age limit.


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There has been an increasing number of ‘hyper feminine’ fashion influencers on social media since the aesthetic began to grow, with many having thousands of followers, these social media influencers are to thank for the fashion style gaining exposure and becoming more mainstream. Some popular influencers on Instagram are @gigi.mw with 177k followers, @isa.bella.ricci with 89.3k followers and @camrihewie with 56.7k followers.


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The term coquette (meaning a flirtatious woman) is the more commonly referred to term for this craze and is a widespread hashtag for this look, it has 2.2 million posts on Instagram and #coquetteaesthetic gets 443 daily posts according to IQ Hashtags. Renowned trend forecasters WGSN coined the term ‘Pretty Feminine’ for the look as well, as its main characteristics have to do with beauty and femininity.


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The key characteristics of the style are romance, femininity, beauty, girliness, sweetness, elegance and softness. This is shown through outfits consisting of baby pink/soft pink/pastel pink, bows, dresses, jewellery, ballet flats, lace and soft/sweet makeup – anything to highlight your divine femininity.

This trend is often seen as a resistance to society and the belief that only young girls are allowed to dress in extreme feminine styles, it is trying to normalise women expressing their femininity rather than burying it inside.

Lana Del Rey performing. Photo credit – Alamy

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Photo credit – Alamy

This style is hugely associated with pop culture in particular film and music. Films such as Sofia Coppola’s ‘Marie Antoinette’ and Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Lolita’ based on Vladimir Nabokov’s novel of the same name, are very important to this look especially the costumes/outfits which are very influential to the trend. Additionally, music plays a big part with American singer Lana Del Rey being a key celebrity who inspired the movement, her music and lyricism as well as her aesthetic fit very well into the hyper feminine movement and its values.


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Several fashion brands have begun manufacturing clothes to fit this aesthetic but some pioneers of the look are high fashion brands such as Simone Rocha, Shushu/Tong and Sandy Liang. These brands have successfully catered to the hyper-feminine trend with items that feature bows, ruffles and an overall sweet and girly ambience. They have also had celebrities wear their looks in magazines and on the red carpets like K-pop groups Black Pink and New Jeans, as well as British actresses Rosamund Pike and Maisie Williams.


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Here are some key pieces to help you shop the look –


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