Leopard-Print Life: Unleash Your Wild side with a Modern Twist!

Fashion North discovers the trend that is modernising day by day and giving new life to the timeless leopard print style. 

You’ve probably seen leopard print popping up everywhere, it’s been on runways, in stores and all over social media, with the #leopardprint tag having over 3.3 million posts on Instagram. The iconic pattern first gained popularity in the 1960s, but leopard print has made a fierce comeback. It has undergone a modern make-over, and is no longer confined to traditional garments anymore, it can be found on everything from shoes to nail designs.  

Renowned trend forecasters WGSN introduced the term ‘Reworked classics’ to describe the style’s new modern characteristics. 

Milan FW 24 – Alamy

The Philipp Plein show during Milan Fashion Week helped the print gain popularity again. The bold jumper showcased the new modern twist of how leopard print can infuse any simple outfit with a striking vibe, which Plein showed by making the jumper the focus of an otherwise simple outfit. It exemplified how the classic print is adapted into everyday clothes to align with modern fashion.  



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There is an increasing amount of style influencers jumping on the trend to elevate their looks. Lucianes, who boasts a staggering 100,000 followers between Instagram and TikTok, sports the iconic print with a modern and contemporary twist, by pairing a simple grey t-shirt and white stiletto heels with striking light brown leopard print trousers, cementing its status as a must-have for the spring season, and showing how the print can be worn for a toned-down casual, everyday look.

Alamy 2024

Alamy – 2024

The modernisation of leopard print has been seen strongly in the realm of footwear, where the traditional pattern has been reimagined to line up with new contemporary tastes and styles. Incorporating leopard print onto trainers, heels and other shoes makes it more appealing to current consumers, and it is evidently working. Leopard print shoes have been overtaking the high street. Actress Anne Hech was seen taking on the trend in LA. Popular brands such as Converse have included the iconic pattern onto their shoes, and over 200k people have posted them wearing the shoes on TikTok.



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The reworked trend also paves the way for individuality and freedom. American rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, showed his take on the print with his choice of bright pink leopard print painted nails. Not only did he shed light on the diversity of leopard print in fashion today but he also shows that men and other individuals can feel confident enough to wear their nails the same way. This modern take shows the print’s versatility, and it’s no longer confined to formal settings or statement pieces but can be used for a range of looks from casual to chic. 


The trend has also overtaken social media, with videos helping individuals style their leopard print pieces in new modern and unique ways.


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Here’s how you can take on the reworked classic and get the look on the high-street;  








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