“The Peek-a-Boo Look”

Transparent materials are saturating the red carpets and runway as fashion reclaims the term “naked,” but how can we wear it in real life?

The fashion business constantly evolves, always pushing the boundaries and confronting traditional assumptions.  Transparency has emerged as a significant trend, according to Tagwalk. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, the body-positive movement’s increasing popularity promoted self-acceptance.

This included embracing one’s body, which was demonstrated and even emphasised with translucent nets and veils. Peekaboo elements in textiles, which vary from transparent fabrics to translucent embellishments, continue to captivate designers, influencers, and consumers.

Showcasing a resurgence of see-through fashion, the key main trend observed was the “peek-a-boo look,” characterised by layering long ankle-covering trousers beneath a sheer dress or skirt, creating depth without compromising modesty.

Brands like Vaillant, Zimmermann, and Rotate demonstrated the versatility of semi-sheer items for spring layering, offering a balance between interest and simplicity. Mastering the art of layering delicate pieces allows for a conceal-and-reveal effect, providing a stylish yet not overly exposed aesthetic.

Here are some of our favourite Peek-A-Boo looks on the catwalk

Credit: Tagwalk

Check out this cool outfit combo from the latest collection from Vaillant! They’ve paired a white see-through skirt with denim pants, blending two styles into one awesome look.

The contrast between the denim and see-through fabric creates an eye-catching effect. Plus, the layered look gives it a unique silhouette that stands out. The denim pants keep things comfy and casual, while the see-through skirt adds a touch of elegance and femininity, making it a perfect mix of chic and modern styles.

Credit: Tagwalk

Here’s another hot combo from the latest collection of Rotate: black straight pants paired with a white see-through dress for a super stylish vibe. The sheer silky texture of the dress is attention-grabbing, and when you add in those sleek black pants, it’s like the perfect balance.

The contrast between the two pieces is bold and modern, giving off major strong and sophisticated vibes. Plus, you can switch up the lengths and shapes of the dress and pants to make it your unique look. This combo is perfect for standing out at parties or special events, giving you that extra edge in style.

Styling tips

The ‘item’ used in this trend: the “See-through skirt” looks fashionable but may be too revealing for some as it shows your body. How would I wear this? Fashion North will give you some styling tips on this.

  1. The easiest way is to match the tone of your top and skirt.

For example, @fashionmusingsdiary created a harmonious overall look by matching the colour of her top with the colour of her see-through skirt. When the colours of the top and skirt match, you have a firmer style unity creating a balanced look. Above all, these combinations give a simple, yet refined look that can be used in various situations and situations.

  1. A white lace skirt over denim is also a combination without failure.


Instagram에서 이 게시물 보기


(이코코)(@rilaccoco)님의 공유 게시물

Influencer @rilaccoco formed the “Peek-a-boo look” with denim and white, which is a timeless combo. The style is given depth and colour by the juxtaposition of denim, which creates a stylish, casual aspect, and see-through skirts, which present a clear, pure picture. Add a blazer jacket or sneakers for a final touch to these ensembles.

Here are some similar items in high-street shops:

ZARA [LACE SKIRT] – £29.99


ASOS [Reclaimed Vintage sheer maxi skirt in black] – 

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