“I would have my wedding in someone’s back garden!” Fashion North meets Sarah Jayne Adams

Features Editor and advocate blogger Sarah Jayne Adams explains how tough it is to plan your future wedding when working in the industry. Although knowing the ins and outs of bridal, this local lass wants to keep it creative and quirky, right in someone’s back garden.

Belle Bridal magazine is a North East publication for brides-to-be and Sarah Jayne overseas everything from features to beauty, news and social media and of course, bridal fashion. From only being a full-time member of the team since March, Sarah admits that she’s found her dream job right here in Sunderland but claims that planning a wedding is super hard.

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Sarah’s first issue of Belle Bridal as Features Editor.

When we popped ‘the big question’ to Sarah she replied: “You know what, I always get asked this question and to be honest, because I know every venue in the North East and almost every bridal designer in the world, it makes it harder.”

Sarah, 25, and Corey Shipley, 26, a special parts inspector for Nissan, have been together for several years and although we’re not hearing wedding bells ringing any time soon for the couple, Sarah did admit to having thoughts about her wedding. What girl doesn’t dream of her big day?

“Honestly, I have thought about it and to be honest, I’d just have it in someone’s back garden, with a bit of DIY, creativity and of course an amazing dress.”

As well as being the bride, Sarah would also like to play the part of the wedding planner, by doing as much personalisation as possible for her rustic DIY themed day. “Weddings are so expensive, so if brides can do their own input here and there it cuts costs but it’s also quite unique to them.”

On the hot topic of planning your dream wedding, Sarah exclusively spills that she does in fact know subscribers who buy the Belle Bridal that aren’t even engaged yet. The word Bridezilla comes to mind.

Creativity is something that follows Sarah from her wedding plans and into her work. Feature writing and freelance journalism is something she has done since graduating the University of Sunderland in 2014, with a 2:1 degree in Magazine Journalism. Sarah has continued to pursue both areas to this day because of the endless opportunities that they bring.


“I just love how I can manage my own time with freelance. I balanced university alongside a part time job at the Sunderland Echo and completed 10 placements with various publications. It was great for when I needed a day or two off so that I could fit everything in.” However, these days Sarah admits that she can’t even find the time to paint her nails and wonders how she managed.

Unfortunately for Sarah she lost her job at the Echo, along with others and had a week to find another job. “I panicked,” Sarah regrets how quickly she jumped into her next path of copywriting but believes everything happens for a reason, “If I hadn’t have done what I did, I wouldn’t be in my dream job now.” And guess what? That job is right here in the North East, literally five minutes down the road for Sarah.

She explains that she applied for the full-time job at the magazine for security and because of its versatile role, which meant she’d never be bored. “The possibilities are endless, in my job role it’s a mixture of all sorts, which is brilliant for me”. Sarah also revealed that news isn’t her strongest point and even when she worked for a daily newspaper she didn’t read it at all.

If you’re thinking you already know this girl, it’s probably from online. As well as a full-time job and freelancing, Sarah Jayne is a local blogger at plainsarahjayne.com, where she covers style and beauty, lifestyle and everyone’s favourite, food. Her blog has just had its second birthday and you can enter her prize draw over on the site.

In Sarah’s ‘About’ section on her blog she states: ‘ever since I can remember I’ve struggled to find my signature style and look, and I’m still searching. What can I say, I’m just a Plain Jayne who sticks to her favourite denim jeans, her trusted winged liner and a classic nude lip.’ Consider this, Sarah turned up to the interview exactly as described. That shows she’s found her signature style but she just doesn’t realise how great it is.

When asked about work and blogging, Sarah is adamant that she keeps them both separate but what they both have in common is the place we call home, Sunderland. Sarah can’t say enough how much she loves the North East and that the people here are even better. “I’ve met some of my closest friends through the North East blogging community.”

When questioned on what she thought on the rise of bloggers she was very positive about the situation. “People want their own space to say what they want and now they choose to do it online,” she also believes that, “It’s how you interact these days because of how social media heavy the world is. Whether you’ve got a cool Instagram, Snapchat or a blog, you’re there to say ‘this is me and this is my opinion’.” And Sarah does exactly that, along with her amazing career and freelance work.

So what does the future hold for Sarah Jayne? “Hopefully next year, I’ll have a lovely new house and another house rabbit.” This will accompany her current Smoky Blue Dwarf Lop, Blu, which Corey bought for her last Christmas. “I don’t see myself leaving Belle Bridal any time soon, but I would love to grow more in my job title and maybe have more responsibility for both the North East and Yorkshire editions.” As for her plainsarahjayne.com a wider readership is what Sarah would love to see.

Sarah's house Rabbit, Blu, a Smoky Blue Dwarf Lop.

Sarah’s house Rabbit, Blu, a Smoky Blue Dwarf Lop.

Although she may class herself as a ‘plain Jayne’ when It comes to style, Sarah is anything but plain when it comes to every day life. With an amazing career and a successful blog her opportunities are endless.

Who wouldn’t want the life of this local lass? Sarah’s recent adventure will be her TV debut where she guest appears on Made in Tyne and Wears Chatty Lasses, which will air in January. “Get ready for me waving down the wrong cameras and trying to control the mackem accent.”

Sarah with Chatty Lasses hosts, Katie Bulmer-Cooke, Lisa Guthrie and Suzanne Cleary.

Sarah with Chatty Lasses hosts, Katie Bulmer-Cooke, Lisa Guthrie and Suzanne Cleary.

You can visit Sarah’s blog here plainsarahjayne.com and see her work for Belle Bridal here bellebridalmagazine.com

Or follow them on social media. Twitter: @sarah-adams24 @bellebridalmag Instagram: @plainsarahjayne @bellebridalmagazine


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