Influencers you should be following for Black History Month

This Black History Month 2020 falls on October 1st to October 31st, and to celebrate we have put together some of our favourite black Instagram influencers we think you should be following. There are hundreds of Instagram influencers out there, so to save you trolling through Instagram for hours on end, we’ve done the leg work, or thumb work?  

At Fashion North we think you should be following people who inspire you. We don’t always want an outfit too outgoing and we don’t always want something too casual so, whether you’re looking for some casual inspiration or something a little bit more outgoing, we’ve got you covered.  


Patricia is huge on both Instagram and YouTube as the first Black British YouTuber to reach a million followers. Bright posts some amazing outfit and beauty inspiration and sells wigs and pieces for black women.

Patricia has a professional background as a financial consultant. Bright gives advice on financing and budgeting through her new Youtube channel ‘The Break’ which empowers and helps people to become financially independent.




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More boots outfit details will be on my story x

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Sarah is the founder of clothing site Venus Virgo and has a huge following on both YouTube and Instagram. If you like a minimal but still put together and fashionable look then Sarah is the perfect Instagram page for you.  



Aida is a Paris based minimalist style blogger with a fresh and simple style.



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Gold like 24k

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If you’re looking for some more outgoing and colourful outfit inspiration, then Sephora is the perfect influencer for you. She has a large following on YouTube where she shows makeup routines, try on hauls and her hair care routine (however, in the video Sephora speaks French so unless you’re fluent you might need subtitles)! The influencer has an even larger following on Instagram where she shows some of her gorgeous makeup looks and inspiring fashion photos.



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So, I’ve recently incorporated @elizabetharden’s new Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Hydra-Plumping Serum Capsules into my skincare routine over this past month and let me tell you this is hands down the best addition I’ve added into my skincare routine this year! I remember my Mum used to have a product similar when I was much younger and I was enamoured by it as it looked so expensive and ladylike. I didn’t even know what it was but I promised myself when I grew up, I’d be using them too and how perfectly has it turned out for me?! It leaves my skin so soft and smooth and I’ve truly noticed a massive difference. What makes it so special is the Hyaluronic Acid penetrates the skin 4x times deeper so my skin feels more hydrated and the ceramides lock in the moisture. It’s definitely one to consider. Head over to my stories to see how I use it and for 2x complimentary 7-day capsule samples (retinol and advance) when purchasing any Ceramide Capsules 60 pcs from you can use my code MELISSAHA. AD #HACAPS #AlwaysArden

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Melissa is a celebrity fashion stylist, blogger and interior decorator, her Instagram is full of beautiful outfits and makeup looks. The all rounders blog features some amazing content with some personal content about her ‘New Year New Strategy’ and how to be grateful for what you have.  




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Fashion confused So in what season are we now?this weather has the 2020 mood.

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Khaleesi has an amazing blog featuring important issues that aren’t being talked about enough like being real and needing to know who you really are. Infleuncenaire is the perfect blog for anyone who enjoys a minimal and professional style 



Nycxclothes on Instagram is run by Haitian sisters Shelcy & Christy. They also run a blog described as ‘a visual storytelling platform, exploring New York and fashion through a cultural lens.’  




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Cozy whole fit from @prettylittlething ad

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Alissa shows off her amazing colourful wardrobe to her 207k followers on instagram. 




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Sharon Alexie is a model in New York and Paris and shows off her neuteral, chic style to her 421k Instagram followers.  




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Anne-Sophie is a French model and Instagram influencer, and uses her 16k platform to show off her minimalist style. She has also has a Youtube video to find out more about her.  




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When the BTS so popping you gotta post

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Montanna is a model and Instagram influencer with 7k followers and a casual style.  




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hey! you rock!

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Edie-Rose is an Instagram influencer and model from London with 249k followers who enjoy her minimalist and casual style.  



Portia Sade Prince is an Instagram influencer with 13.6k followers.  She’s also a mother, proving you can have it all. Prince shows off her smart casual style to her large following. Portia has a PayPal link attached to her Instagram bio for a fundraiser which supports CentreOfLoveKids an orphanage in Uganda housing 35 children. 




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a rare sighting: me in a dress @shopbop

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Kiaran is a great influencer for young girls who need some inspiration, her Youtube channel features girl talk, DIY, and an insight to the college life. Her style is fun and colourful and she is even a Savage Fenty ambassador.  

We hope you find some new influencers to follow to get your style fix!  

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