Inside Huda Kattan’s skincare concerns

Thinking of getting a new cream that claims to treat hyperpigmentation? You should know that, more often than not, behind the perfect skin of the model promoting these products there is a ton of make-up, special lighting and a lot of photo editing. Should I mention that the models also almost never actually use those products?

Huda Kattan, founder of the famous make-up brand Huda Beauty, has launched her first skincare line called Wishful, based on a brand-new concept in which she promotes her products showing her bare skin.
With pride, Huda shared the new skincare line with over 42 million Instagram followers and said that she wanted to be honest with them so that everybody could see the real effects of the products and not continue the illusion of the “ideal” skin.


“I’m not a dermatologist” Huda admits. In a recent interview she said that: “Wishful is formulated to tackle basic needs. I’m not pretending to know how to fade out pigmentation or fine lines, but I can help you make your skin soft, even and smooth.”

With a place alongside the likes of Oprah on Forbes’ list of America’s richest Self-Made Women, Huda Kattan has taken the beauty industry to the next level. Born in Tennessee, she started her blog in 2010 because of her huge passion for make-up and a few years later she created her own range of lashes. After a lot of hard work, and a massive growth in popularity, Huda launched her make-up line Huda Beauty, a few years later.
Forbes estimated the business to be worth over a billion dollars in 2018.


The idea of becoming involved in the skincare industry came from Huda’s own experience:
“Let me be honest and say that I’ve never had great skin” Huda writes on her blog.
She adds that: “there was a time when I was so unhappy with my skin that I didn’t wanted to leave the house, and it really impacted my self-esteem. As an adult I started to get a lot of cystic and hormonal acne. They were big and painful and I could just never get rid of them.”

Wishful is the brainchild of years of research to formulate very gentle, essential, cruelty-free products.
“I started to learn about skincare and realised that a lot of the time we’re doing too much. Sometimes it’s the smaller things, like switching moisturisers, or exfoliating every so often, that can make a world of difference” said the business woman in another interview.


Huda truly believes that having a routine is the key, but don’t do too much. Hydration is crucial, as well as layering your skincare correctly.
“We all have different skin concerns and you need to listen to your skin and find what works for you” she states on her blog. “Just because your friend swears by a product doesn’t mean it will necessarily work wonders for you too.”

Huda’s new Wishful line is available in Boots and online on



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