Interview: Survival of Makeup Artists

The year of 2016 has seen a rapid increase of makeup artists and aspiring makeup artists, but what will make certain artists stand out from others so that they can continue to fulfil their passion?

Sarina Kaur, 21, Makeup Artist for Charlotte Tilbury at Fenwick Newcastle, expressed how makeup artistry is tough competition therefore she decided to work freelance as well as working full time hours in the Fenwick store. Sarina promotes most of her work through social media to attract potential clients as social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter play an important part in advertising businesses or skills.

Sarina said: “I also share a lot of tips and tricks on my Facebook page.”

As a result of this, many people are able to contact and communicate with Sarina more easily.

She said: “I discovered makeup was my passion when I was leaving school. Originally, I applied to University to do performing arts but then I decided that it wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore. I wanted to make a career out of makeup so for me it was just amazing I could really do that.”

Sarina Kaur left school at 18, to work at Asda for a year before realising she applied for a career in retail for Benefit, a popular makeup brand.

Her main aim for this year is to set up her own YouTube channel, where she can guide aspiring makeup artists to pursue their dreams.


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