Is Double Denim Really A Fashion Crime?

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We all get the cold shiver when double denim is mentioned. In reality we have all worn it at some point. We all laugh at past trends and this one in particular has always been the biggest fashion crime but currently for some people it’s unavoidable.

I’m guilty of it; walking into town with navy ripped jeans and an oversized Levis jacket, it’s fair to say I turned some heads. But let’s be honest it’s one of the hottest trends this season as well as last and even your favourite high street shops are now embracing this ‘crime’.

Our favourite retailers such as Urban Outfitters, ASOS and Topshop who were spotted reflecting the 90’s trend by selling more blue on blue denim. Blue overload, really.

However, is the 90s trend becoming too much? Scrunchies and sportswear were also the ‘in thing’ and now double denim. Yes, I do mean Nike Air Max’s and Reebok have made a reappearance on the high street.

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