Introduction to me: Kassia McGeoch

Kassia McGeoch , 19 ,Fashion Design and Promotion student.

Where I’m from: 

South Shields, but I’ve moved around the UK a lot in my life. Some other places I’ve lived include Manchester, Northern Ireland, and Reading.



Cosplay and conventions, Gaming (Playing League of Legends, FFXIV and a lot of RPG horror indie games) and watching Youtube videos about fashion history and reptiles. (odd mix, I know.)


Favourite Magazine : FRUiTS magazine.  

 IG tag : fruitsmag 

IG tag : fruits_magazine_archives 


 I love FRUitS magazine because it was giving light to all of the subcultures and underground fashion in Japan, which were becoming more and more popular. Mostly from the 90’s when punk and rock were coming across from the West, and Japanese teens started uptaking the style and making it their own. They used to be solely a magazine, but now due to the growth of social media and digital age, they have since moved to online eBooks and Instagram archives, however the original issues from the 90’s can still be purchased from their store in physical form. I love the nostalgic feel these photo archives have. 


Favourite Blog : TokyoFashion blog   

 I personally love this blog because it feels like a more updated and recent version of FRUiTS magazine. It shows the newer fashion styles of young adults and teenagers in Japan. There is a wide range of content, it details their professions and clothing brands, and you get to know a little about each person being photographed from the street. It’s a really nice way to recognise people’s creativity and they almost always include ways to support the people photographed by linking their Instagram etc. 


2nd Favourite Blog : Inkistyle –  

I like inkistyle because it follows a lot of the South Korean clothing trends popular amongst the wardrobes of their idols, actors and singers. It also shows you where to get similar and cheaper options from the more heavily expensive luxury brands. It also tends to review the newest MV outfits which I really enjoy looking at. 


Favourite clothing brand : LAZYOAF and UNIF 

Lazy  Oaf and UNIF because they’re colourful and have more childish and fun designs, which I enjoy. They collaborate with a lot of other brands such as Esther Loves, Hello Kitty, Disney, etc. They also tend to be quite well made, so they last for a long time if proper care is taken in looking after them.  


Favourite Designer:  

I don’t personally have a favourite designer at the moment. 


Dream Job :  

Possibly being a Fashion Director for Bands and groups in Asia, because I think they really do an amazing job on matching the look to the feel and sound of the music, and it really creates a cohesive and immersive environment overall. Either for the MVs or the onstage performances. And additionally, it is a nice way of including smaller personally owned brands to help support them, because Kpop industry has heavy influence and power due to its large fanbase. 




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