Introduction to me: Lauren Crossman

Lauren Crossman, 19, Fashion Design and Promotion student.

Where I am from:

Blyth, Northumberland.



I am a competitive dancer, recently placing 5th with my crew and placing 6th as a solo at the ‘BDO World Championship’; I kayak and have my one-star certificate; on the weekend, I usually go mountain biking with my family in the nearby forests of Northumberland. I also enjoy painting, my favourite mediums are acrylic paint and Brusho.
I love to travel – France is my favourite place, especially Normandy and the Dordogne.

Previously, I was part of my High school’s Rugby Academy as well as the local rugby league team where I competed around the country. I am also trained in Taekwondo and was a part of my clubs ‘Fight Team’ where I competed in 2016 at the ‘QUEST Taekwondo International Championship 2016’ where I became the ‘Under 18 Heavyweight International Silver Medalist’ after narrowly loosing to a Team GB fighter.
I hope that in the not-too distant future, I can rejoin both Rugby and Taekwondo clubs.


Favourite Magazine: Dazed (& Confused).

I love Dazed (& Confused) magazine because it’s it a mixture of fashion, culture, beauty, music, art, etc. Founded in 1991 in London, the magazine began as a black-and-white folded poster which was published sporadically, it didn’t take long for the magazine to get published in full colour. It was promoted at London club nights, however, today it is an independent youth culture magazine, distributed globally, covering fashion, art, music and lifestyle. It gives a younger view on the mews from around the world as well as keeping its readers up-to-date on the latest fashion and arts.


Favourite Blog: Steal the Spotlight.

Steal the Spotlight looks at TV and Film from a variety of decades and re-creates the outfits in clothing available today, explaining as she goes where you can find the clothing and accessories. She does a lot from the 90’s, I love 90s fashion and the tv/films associated with the 90s so it’s a fantastic way to combine both.


Favourite Brand: Vans.

The clothing they sell is long-lasting and comfy to wear, the designs themselves have been redesigned in almost every decade yet still have the feel of the original designs. I love the collaborations they do with either other fashion brands (for example, Vivienne Westwood) or tv series or films such as their latest collaboration with The Simpsons. They use a large variety of graphic designs on both the shoes and clothing , sometimes also on the accessories; they also have vast range of colour options available in different styles of shoes so there is always something to match your outfit!


Favourite Designer: Alexa Chung.

I love Alexa Chung because I love the distinctive prints and the twist of classic looks but with a more feminine design. I love how she used classic silhouettes yet it has a slight rock’n’roll feel to the pieces.


Dream Job:

My dream job would be working in Vans headquarters in California as either a New Product Designer or a VP of Marketing.

Or the ultimate goal would be to have my own brand big enough to have headquarters in France and the United States.



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