It’s astounding! – When MAC met Rocky


I’d like, if I may to take you on strange but rather beautiful journey of the new MAC Cosmetics collection. The 30-year-old company is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So come up to the (beauty) lab and see what’s on the slab, as we take a look at what the celebratory collaboration has to offer.

The 21-piece collection is limited edition and is one of the biggest collections MAC has ever produced, with each piece taking inspiration from the stage and film. It houses an array of products to transform any human into a not-so-virginal heroine, a maniacal maid or a sweet transvestite in a quicker time it took Frank-n-Furter to make his ideal man (with the Charles Atlas seal of approval).

Rocky Horror


Riff-Raff (Frank’s has faithful handyman) has been attributed to in an eye shadow palette (£38.50) of six colours with classic black (matte finish), a soft muted white with a pearlised tone frost finish, to cool blues and violets (both in a frost finish) to warm burgundy tones in matte.

The burgundy hues have been crafted into a sparkling pigment called It’s Not Easy Having A Good Time priced £18.50.

For those wanting to add definition to their eyes then a chromagraphic pencil is available in black and a red. A liquid eyeliner in classic black (£17.50) also makes an appearance, perfect for creating eyes like Magenta.

Rocky Horror Lips


For every die-hard fan of the film then they know the lip is key to finishing the look. The signature suggestively sexy red lip that opens the film has been carried across all the special edition packaging.

A quartet of lipsticks (£17) in Frank’s signature rouge have been crafted into tonal lust filled reds. The fabulous foursome has three available in matte and one in a creamy and heavily pigment amplified finish. To finish your lip and create definition why not try a lip pencil (£13.50) in intense violet purple, in similar vain to the mad scientist Mr Furter.

Rocky Horror Nails


No tribute collection would be complete with some staggeringly seductive talons. Two shades have been produced in red and teal & pink with “multi-changing pearl” to generate an oil slick effect, both priced £11.

Rocky Horror Face


The four main characters in the Frankenstein Place, Frank-n-Furter, Magenta, Riff Raff and Columbia all have one thing in common (other then being completely off their rockers); they all have sculpted and contoured faces. This being said, the collection houses two compacts just for the job.

The first is an old faithful blush called “Crazed Imagination” which has muted plum tones with hints of pink pearl (£20). The other is a newer product and is a sculpt and shape powder in palest cream/tan and is yours for £22.50.

Finish off your creation with a set powder (£24), which has a matte finish and helps to enhance your complexion.

So with just a jump to the left and a step to the right, you to can shiver with antici…..pation. So give yourself over to absolute pleasure and create your own floorshow worthy face, by investing in this special collaboration celebrating one of the biggest cult classic in cinema and theatre history.

The collection is available online from 23 October and in selected stores from 31 October.


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