It’s October 3rd! How best to wear pink to honour Mean Girls Day

On this 17th annual Mean Girls Day, Fashion North has complied the ultimate buyers guide to everything pink on this special day

It may not be a Wednesday, but IT IS October 3rd which means it’s that one day a year that dedicated fans all over the world have dubbed Mean Girls Day and rightly so!

The noughties classic delivered several memorable quotes throughout the movie but one throw away scene in particular stuck.

When lead character Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, was asked by her on screen crush Aaron Samuels AKA Jonathan Bennett what the date was, to which she replied (Yes you’ve guessed it) “it’s October 3rd”.


So, to mark the occasion, Fashion North has put together a list of the best pink items to make you feel like one of The Plastics….

H&M £17.99

H&M £17.99

















This H&M cardigan is definitely Regina George approved.


This pink polo shirt gives us serious Cady Heron vibes.














Love Mean Girls but want to show your passion in a subtler way? This hair bow is perfect for you!















Want to go all out to celebrate? You can’t get much more pink than this tailored suit from Nasty Gal and it’s on sale!

Pretty Little Thing Bodysuit £14 Joggers £20


Of course we had to include a track suit for you! So good that you can wear them regardless if it’s Friday or not!
















The perfect transitional dress for this time of year. Wear it with chunky boots in the autumn or strappy sandals in the summer.


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