Bella Hadid and her revival of the skinny brow

When we think of the 00s, most of us probably picture low-rise jeans, chunky highlights that look more like a zebra skin hat than actual hair, and leggings worn with any garment imaginable. But we often forget about the time we so obsessively plucked our brows so that only a sliver of hair remained, looking ever so slightly like they’ve been drawn on with a single line of Biro than actual eyebrows.

But with other trends from what was once deemed ‘fashions dark age’ returning (we even saw someone in bootcut jeans and a dress the other day, giving Ashley Tisdale on any red carpet circa 2002 vibes), the skinny brow may also be making a comeback.

Spotted recently on Bella Hadid at Cannes Film festival and then later on her Instagram, there’s a possibility we may be moving away from the thick, busy, and dark eyebrows that dominated 2010. While this is fitting, with our ever-moving trend cycle, many of us believed the bushy soap brows that began on Tik Tok; would stick around for more than just lockdown.


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Furthermore, many of those who witnessed and participated in the slim brows of the noughties have only just managed to grow their brows back to the thickness we’ve seen trending in recent years.

Helen McLean, a brow specialist at Take a Brow in Sunderland said: “I’d urge anyone considering the anticipated skinny brow trend to proceed with caution. Trends tend to be cyclical and, unfortunately as many victims of the original nineties brow will testify, myself included, it can be very difficult to come back from an over-tweezed brow.”

She also suggested that those who decide to follow through with the trend should leave the creation of a skinny brow up to the professionals as opposed to attempting excessive plucking or waxing at home.

For now, we will wait to see how the trend progresses and maybe make a pros and cons list if we ever do find ourselves wanting to follow in Bella Hadid’s footsteps.

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