Jodie Whittaker: A time-travelling trendsetter?

With our TV screens soon to be graced by the 13th incarnation of Doctor Who, we can’t wait to see the style choices of  Jodie Whittaker, the first female to be cast in the iconic role.

In an interview with Stylist, Jodie explains that she worked closely with the costume designers to ensure she put as much of her personality into The Doctor as possible.

“It was really collaborative. More so than any other job, not because you don’t get a say on anything else, but because if you’re doing something that’s 18th century, I’m not going to rock in and be like, I’ve got this great idea! I wanna wear Converse,” Jodie said.

For Jodie an important detail about her outfit was colour. She told Stylist: “Different aspects of the blues to represent the sky. So, the inside lining of the coat is like space and the outside is like [daytime] sky. Things like that!”

But, the most significant detail was her desire for the costume to be practical, comfy and unisex. Jodie explained that she loves “referencing the world you’re coming from.”

The show has expanded far past the UK and inspired events like WhoCon, so it’s fair to say that Doctor Who has a loyal fan base. For a show so British that it loves to remind you we are a nation that eats fish and chips by the seaside or loves having biscuits with our cuppas this new ear is massively significant.

Jodie Whittaker told Stylist: “What an extraordinary thing [to be the first female Doctor], let it be a moment in history, but let it move forward to the extent that it never gets talked about… that’d be ace.”


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Whether you have seen every episode of Doctor Who or have never seen it at all, you will understand just how important this new casting choice was for the show.

With each reincarnation has come a wardrobe change that outwardly expressed who the Doctor was at that time in his life. It only makes sense, now The Doctor is a woman, that the costume department works very hard to make sure Jodie Whittaker is ultimately still The Doctor that fans all know and love.


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