Join the fight with the Suffragettes at Beamish #IWD

Once again, Beamish Museum plays host to the Suffragettes who will be marching in a rallies from Wednesday 8th and across the following weekend.


This year the 1900s town invites us to join in with the rallies and see some of the objects used in the early 1900s relating to the suffragettes. Such as the toffee hammer, which can be found in Beamish’s coop and sweet shop, originally invented to break up sheets of toffee, the suffragettes, led by Emmeline Pankhurst used them as a tool to shatter windows.

Image: North News

As Emmeline Pankhurst said: ‘The smashing of windows is a time-honoured method of showing displeasure in a political situation.’


Now please don’t go smashing any windows, but do come along to learn about the role of women in the 1820s, 1900s and 1940s in areas throughout the museum. The staff at the Pit Village school also invite you to make a rosette in Suffragette Colours.


And if you do get up to anything exciting this International Women’s Day, please share with us using the tag  @fashion_north and #IWD.


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