Jurassic World gear for girls


As dinosaur fans far and wide will know, Jurassic World hits cinemas in less than in week *childish scream of excitment*.

In preparation for this long awaited film we’ve compiled a list of dinosaur goodies you NEED before the film is released. We take no responsibility for the iminent dinosaur filled wardrobe you will soon have.

Let’s start with the item you put on first, your underwear, yes there’s dinosaur underwear that’s not for 6-year-old boys, CafePress have some awesome Tyrannosaurus Women’s Boy Briefs (£18). Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of underwear?

Next up is your make-up bag, obviously an essential, we’ve picked two to pick from, one is from Not on the HighStreet and the other is from Etsy. Good luck choosing which one you prefer.

Next up, you need something to wear, whether it’s a dress or a simple tee, you’d be surprised how many dino themed clothing is out there. Topshop supply a White Pepper jumpsuit £65 complete with repeated dino print. If you’d rather a T-shirt then try eBay or Etsy, they each have a pretty awesome, and reasonable, tees.

If a dress is more your thing then we have two for you to pick from, if you’ve got a (very) large budget then try the BOUTIQUE MOSCHINO dinosaur print shift dress or if you don’t fancy spending over £200 then try the ASOS Dinosaur dress.

Next up are the all important accessories, try Not on the High Street for some dino earrings, they also have some great necklaces, or if that doesn’t take your fancy try Etsy. Another must have dino item you definitley need is this Skinnydip Dinosaur Backpack.

Once the film is over and you return home, and more than likely stick on the trilogy of the first Jurassic Parks, then cosy up in these David & Goliath pyjamas. Thank us later.

Jurassic World hits cinemas on June 11, watch the final trailer below. We hope you’re as excited as we are.


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