Jurassic World gear for guys


As Jurassic Park is opening its gates once again for the viewing public to look at it’s newest addition, as well as some familiar favourites. Here at Fashion North we thought we’d take a look at what pre-historic purchases are up for grabs to get you ready for dinosaur descending into our lives once more.


If you have a special occasion coming up where a suit it mandatory then this dinosaur skeleton lapel pin from ASOS (£5), is perfect for bring a bit of personality to a classic suit. Why not add some cufflinks (£17.50) to the suit and booted look either have a matching pair, or have a herbivore and a carnivore fight it out on your cuffs.

Not into dinosaur couture then this Jurassic Park sticker (£1.61) will do just the job.

Lover of a brew? Then this Tea-Rex mug (£9.37) is ideal for containing your poison of choice while you catch-up on the trilogy before the new one is released.


Now that the ‘Mankle’ is out for summer cool socks (£3) are a must. Topman have a classic black pair with your favourite dinosaurs printed across them in pink, turquoise and pale blue.

The longline T-shirt style is in for summer 2015, but if you’re not a fan of the classic block colours then ASOS have a T-Rex printed design on the shoulders for £14.

George at Asda have the newest Jurassic logo Tee for a steal at £8, it’s bound to sell-out quicker then you can out run a hungry dinosaur.

Team the T-shirt from George with these pyjama pants from Amazon for £12.99 for the ultimate in fossilised fashion.


Got an iPhone 5? ASOS have you covered with this T-Rex phone cover (£10). IPads haven’t been forgotten either courtesy of RedBubble with there ‘I’m a Dino’ cover in monochrome (£35.40 for a snap cover).

Jurassic World comes to cinemas on June 11, see the final trailer below.



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