Lady Gaga launches House of Gucci makeup line and you can find it on Amazon

Lady Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani, the enraged ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci convicted of orchestrating his murderin what can be described as the most highly anticipated movie of the year. The epitome of Italian glam, House of Gucci, serves some emblematic style moments full of intense drama and tension that inspired Gaga to create her new Casa Gaga makeup collection which was used throughout the film.

Adapting today’s versions of makeup to the way women used cosmetics in the past proved extremely difficult and, Gaga’s role, in particular, required a metamorphosis like no other. That’s where the new limited-edition collection came in. Described as “a loved letter to Italy” the makeup line is part of the brand Haus Laboratories. It has specific products that emulate the vintage formulas used in the early periods, especially in the 70s and 80s and helped Sarah Tanno, Gaga’s longtime makeup artist, replicate Patrizia’s iconic look.

The great news is that all the products from the Casa Gaga collection are available on Amazon, from the vibrant red lipstick featured on the poster to the best-selling Tutti Gel Powder Highlighter that resembles the real-life Patrizia’s blinding golden highlighter.


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The famous shade called Stefania that Lady Gaga wore on the House of Gucci poster is part of the Tanti Baci Extreme Cream Mini Lipstick Set and has a creamy formula designed to flatter a wide range of skin tones.

Another statement element of the main character’s look is the frosted lip and according to Tanno, the new La Luce Lip Glaze used on set is “a modernised frosted lipstick” inspired by the makeup trends of that era. It comes in three different shades named after Italian desserts and will instantly give you a milligram of Patrizia’s allure.


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The best-selling, five-star rated Haus Laboratories eyeliner got a makeover for the Casa Gaga collection and, it now comes in luxurious golden packaging. To complete Patrizia Reggiani’s eleganza try the Tutti Gel-Powder All Over Rouge blush for lip and cheeks.

For the die-hard Lady Gaga fans, there is also a bundle that comes in a chic, vegan leather pouch and, this includes: the mini lipstick set, the eyeliner, highlighter, a brush, one lip glaze and one all-over cheek and lip rouge.

House of Gucci is released in cinemas from November 26, but we can already say that we fell in love with Patrizia Reggiani’s iconic style.

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