LFW AW17: Pringle of Scotland

The AW17 Pringle of Scotland women’s ready to wear collection was very diverse in colour and patterns.

The designer mentioned that they wanted to honour the design printings their company provided in the 1960s, and as a result, the show had the same design patterns on modern clothing and shapes.

AUTUMN/WINTER '17 'Heritage Pioneers' Look 27 #LFW Model: @adwoaaboah

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The music was upbeat and the clothes were colourful and modern. This music represented the colourful and bright collection. In this catwalk show, the lights weren’t focused on the models but also on the showroom and the audience.

It was a collection that started off mostly muted in colour. The colour palette was fairly neutral to start, featuring creams, black, dark brown and grey. The designs were quite simple and casual yet elegant.

AUTUMN/WINTER '17 'Heritage Pioneers' Look 10 #LFW

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The designer mismatched lots of different patterns. However, they complement each other. For example, towards the end of the catwalk, pastel coloured floral designs were paired with bright blue and black colours. Other patterns included striped velvet. Those were a personal favourite.

AUTUMN/WINTER '17 'Heritage Pioneers' Look 25 #LFW Model: @sofiehemmet

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Also, there were different shoulder cuts including v line, turtleneck and off the shoulder.

The designer seemed to be experimenting with different cuts and sleeves, most of them being slightly different lengths and very long. The asymmetrical sleeves and tops dominated the catwalk, it’s unique and different.

The fabric was wool, which is very suitable for the cold winter months, to keep you warm. The outfits were casual and a couple of hoodies appear to feature underneath as the back of the hoods and tassels were visible.

AUTUMN/WINTER '17 'Heritage Pioneers' Look 20 #LFW Model: @ianagodnia

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The models had short hair or a simple bun. By first glance, one would wonder if the models were wearing makeup, although they all looked very natural and no accessories were worn. Also, the models wore plain flat shoes. The clothes made a statement on their own.

It was noticed that lots of things appeared to be tied around the other clothes. This layering added additional depth and dimension to the whole clothing design.

Overall, this collection displayed a variety of trendy, unique and modern. It is a collection of clothing that anyone could wear and look fabulous in.


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