Little gifts to make someone happy on Random Acts of Kindness Day


Made on Polyvore.

Made on Polyvore.


There are many different gifts that you can give someone. They don’t even have to cost anything – it could be a hug or a thank you note. But it’s not for everyone and sometimes we want to go that extra mile and share the love with some items that cost money. You could pay for someone’s coffee in the line, help someone with their bus or taxi fare or anything you prefer! As long as it’s a random act of kindness.

You may want to gift a random person in your family or friendship circle with a touch of something person, which is where niché gifts come in.

If jewellery and fashion is your chosen person’s delight, then why not buy them a ear cuff, a bright clutch bag or for the hat lover, why not get them a quirky hat like the one above!

If you wanted to be more fashion forward, you could buy them the latest fashion magazine that you know they love or you could buy them a book on fashion. There’s so many options for fashionista’s.

Don’t worry though, if your receiver isn’t into fashion, then you can get them some miscellaneous gifts.

Maybe they are coffee – or tea or hot chocolate obsessed. If that ticks your boxes, then why not get them a travel mug. Every coffee lover loves a good mug. Now, sources close to me – literally right beside me, say that every coffee lover already has a travel mug, but do not worry, because you can buy them another one and they can choose which one they want to carry their trusted coffee in. We love this Pantone cup!

You could always give your recipient some flower power and get them a real bunch of flowers, or why not get them a corsage They may be able to use it for a special occasion – you never know! Surprise someone.

And last but certainly not least technology. We aren’t suggesting you surprise someone with a new piece of technology, but you could get them a phone cover, like the one above! Your recipient may not even notice, they may be too busy looking at their phone!

So there you have it, some gift ideas for today’s Random Acts of Kindness Day! Go out and spread some kindness.


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