Loewe Womenswear FW24 at Paris Fashion Week: “How will Anderson surprise us next?”

Always known for its visibly impactful and social media-friendly collection, Loewe struck again with its structural silhouette, flower print, and warm colours making it feel like a modern version of impressionism’s caricature.


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LOEWE(@loewe)님의 공유 게시물

Set in Château de Vincennes in Paris, the green showroom featured a maze, making people feel like they were in a dense forest while looking at the models passing by. The set was decorated with eighteen paintings by American artist Albert York, who was well-known for his small-scale portrayals of idyllic landscapes and flowery still life.

The setting may have been intended to resemble an art gallery or museum in addition to the previously described “maze.”

Familiar faces from the media eagerly awaited the unveiling of the new Loewe collection in the front row. In attendance were actors such as Emilia Clarke, K-pop stars Seungmin from Stray Kids, Giselle from Aespa, and so on.

Throughout the runway, three keywords could be recognized to summarize the creative director Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe FW24 women’s collection: Belt, Floral, and Art.


Look 2 & 46 (Photo credit: Alamy.com)

Belts were shown as having a unique purpose: adornment, rather than being a fashion item to keep up pants and skirts. Exquisitely draped evening dresses and shirts were secured by huge leather belts that managed to be both classic and contemporary, displaying a jewel-like finishing touch and creating a more attractive silhouette by tightening the shirt’s waist.


Look 11 & 25 & 45 (Photo credit: Alamy.com)

Styling continued with the theme of floral patterns. As foreshadowed in the brand’s latest Instagram post before the show, the inspiration for the pattern was found in pictures of David Sims which portrayed a person seated with a floral hat and highlighting a tattooed plate of flowers  (post shown below).

The patterns gave a young, flourishing but antique vibe winning positive responses from various age groups.


Instagram에서 이 게시물 보기


LOEWE(@loewe)님의 공유 게시물


Look 10 & 12 (Photo credit: alamy.com)

As a Master of Art and craft, Anderson created artworks in the collection, exploring the works of Albert York. Outfits that tattooed birds and dogs using hand-embroidered caviar beads were the most evident and eye-catching artwork shown.

The Loewe collection was sensational to watch as always, covering so many tastes, body shapes, and ages, beautifully varied yet put together in a collection in a clever way.

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