Paris Fashion Week: Is Seán McGirr Changing The Alexander McQueen Legacy?

Seán McGirr, changed things up, in his debut Alexander McQueen collection. All of the designs work perfectly for Autumn/Winter time, as he has included elements of fur and extremely oversized knitwear.

There were also a lot of tailored pieces, a lot of these designs that would make the perfect going-out outfit. However, some people are worried that this collection isn’t the normal McQueen style.

The show was promoted on their Instagram weeks beforehand, showing sneak peeks of the designs as well as a signature Alexander McQueen pin, which you can see featured in some of the final designs shown on the runway.

The white sheets draped around the outside of the runway made the designs appear dramatic. The show was quite intimate as there was only a small audience that attended,  but there was also the livestream which made the show a lot more accessible for others.

The music had a monotone beat, in which the models walked in an angsty way, which was rather interesting.


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One of the key details was the use of footwear. Most of the heels that the models wore were similar to horse hooves, with some more pointed which indicated deer hooves.

This worked well with the animal theme McGirr was wanting to achieve, which is described on the Alexander McQueen website: “A rough opulence. Revealing the animal within. A compressed and elongated silhouette. Objects embedded and enveloped. Knitted statuary.”

The animal element is represented through the fabric: fur, animal patterns, wool and leather, are used to show features of the animal world. A lot of the designs are oversized, which in recent years has became a popular style within fashion industry and everyday wear.

Some of the knitwear designs were questionable at times, perhaps a little over the top, and unwearable for the street. However, the tailored pieces were very much fashionable and suitable for streetwear fashion.

It may not have been the oversized idea that is making some commentators believe that McGirr may be ruining the legacy of McQueen. But others have said that it is a fresh new approach for the brand.


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