LUSH Christmas Collection 2015


The LUSH Christmas collection this year is bigger and better than ever! With some old favourites making a reappearance and of course a whole new array of products making their debut there is most definitely something to suit everybody.

Fashion North paid a visit to LUSH Sunderland to see the beautiful selection of extraordinary products and get an insight of the best products this year has to offer.

We spoke to Joanna Middleton, Manager at LUSH Sunderland, and when asked to describe the collection in one word, she said: “In one word I’d have to go with ‘magical’ for this year, there is always a split with our gifts between traditional and non-traditional but the theme of magic and fairy tails definitely runs throughout.

“Every year, Lush try to do something different especially with our gifts, this can be seen in our Magical Zoetrope and Human Cannonball. We took inspiration from magical toy shops and vibrant circus acts for part of our collection and used bright neon colours and bold designs throughout.”


We were also intrigued to find out which LUSH products came back with a bang this year: “Snow Fairy is our most popular Christmas products and is back this year with a new even bigger 1kg bottle to help satisfy demand, along with our magic wand that shares the same fragrance. Top selling bombs such as Golden Wonder, Father Christmas and Shoot for the Stars are back this year too!”

Joanna shares her top three products from the collection and why she thinks they’re so brilliant:

1. The Magic of Christmas is brand new for this year, spicy and warming with cinnamon leaf oil, giving an alternative to the sweetness of our Magic Wand and just looks ever-so-festive with its little bow and bell.

2. Our Fun is multi functioning but its most enjoyable use is to mold it into creations and this festive Santa roll joins our Snowman from last year.

3. Lastly the Santa’s Belly shower jelly, sharing the same fragrance as our So White bath bomb, this jelly version helps fill the void left by our So White shower gel not returning this year.

For students on a tighter Christmas budget this year for gifts Joanna said: “You can’t go wrong with our Merry Christmas gift box, it’s full of limited edition winter bath products and is beautifully presented.”



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