Madonna – A Style Guide

Madonna wears a combination of mysterious, bright, luxurious and feminine pieces, all presenting her own style which took over the fashion world.
She is influential for everyone who is fashion conscious, with styles to match everyone’s personality, and fit in with several subcultures too.

Are you all about volume and tulle, neon and creative cuts, lingerie and delicates or details? Because Madonna has it all!

Photography: The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

Madonna wears big tulle skirts and white corset style lingerie with the iconic ‘BOY TOY’ chunky belt, bringing a rebellious streak to this innocent and pretty appearance. The only thing competing with Madonna’s volumised tulles was her maximised hair, which completes this look.
Tulle skirts are totally in fashion (Google it they are everywhere!), however the hair may be a little dated…
I have found a similar ‘Full white tulle midi skirt’ featured on, for a very reasonably priced £22, in sizes from 6 to 14.

Credit: Boohoo

This can then also be paired with a white bra-let or corset, like this ‘Lace panelled bandeau bodysuit’ which I also found on for a small price of £14.40. You can top the look off with your own choice of chunky, statement belt, to make the look your own, or if you’re going FULL MADONNA I found a ‘BOY TOY’ belt buckle on for only £10.99. Giving you the whole Madonna feel for only £47.39, not bad for a major icon, ey?

Credit: Boohoo

If you’re more of a material and details kind of gal, maybe the iconic Madonna suit is for you. One thing I’m sure about is that making the “masculine”, “feminine”, is SO in fashion.
Women’s suits are currently all the rage, and have been throughout the whole of 2019, and my prediction is that 2020 will be the same. The suit is sexy, sophisticated and, if we’re being honest. its very convenient too.

Photography: The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

If you’re going on a night out but the temperatures are, well… lets just say you live in Sunderland, this thread is perfect. Most stores and online websites are selling women’s suits at the moment, from Topshop to MissGuided, so there are plenty around in all colours, styles and sizes. Find one and make it your own. However if you’re wanting to channel your inner Madonna I have found a similar black suit on for £30, including a blazer and slim legged trousers. To fully complete this iconic look I recommend painting your face with a subtle and natural makeup look, and add a bright red lipstick to top it off just as Madonna has, as well as wave curling your hair to create that classy, elegant look.

Credit: Boohoo

Whichever Madonna you choose, there is a Madonna for everyone, and these are just two of them. Which Madonna do you relate to?


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