Misha Grimes X Piqinita: The accessory collection you didn’t know you needed!

The Misha Grimes X Piqinita collection is here and we’re obsessed!

Former pageant queen Misha Grimes has been creating Youtube videos for 2 years. Her channel is filled with super-haul Sundays, vlogs and refreshingly honest stories from her and her Mum Kasha (@NiftyAfterFifty).

One of the things we love most about Misha is her style. Wherever she is going and whatever she is doing Misha is always dressed in the most amazing outfits.

Photo credit: @Misha_Grimes instagram

Photo credit: @misha_grimes instagram

Photo credit: @misha_grimes Instagram

However, it’s not just the clothes we love, it’s the extra detail Misha puts into every outfit with stunning accessories.

Photo credit: @misha_grimes Instagram

Photo credit: @Misha_grimes Instagram

If like us you’re also obsessed with Misha’s style then you’ll be pleased to know she has released a collection of accessories with Piqinita, sister brand to the fonecase company who are known for their unique range of accessories.

The 8-piece collection is filled with scrunchies, socks and headbands all of which are perfect stocking fillers for friends and family.

The first item in the collection is this set of three scrunchies, named after Misha’s friend and Love Island 2019 star, Molly- Mae.

Photo credit: piqinita.co.uk

Included in the scrunchie set (£12) is one pearl scrunchie, shown below:

Photo credit: piqinita.co.uk

One black and white dogtooth patterned scrunchie:

Photo credit: piqinita.co.uk

A pink velvet scrunchie, complete with a bow.

Photo credit: piqinita.co.uk

The second item is a pair of jewelled socks, costing £10.

What makes these socks unique is the gold embellished bee at the top of the sock, with purple and green jewels across the body of the bee and clear silver jewels across the wings. These are defiantly socks you won’t want to be losing in the wash.

Photo credit: piqinita.co.uk

The next item is a large dogtooth pattern bow with a black gemstone centre piece (£16), named after Misha’s Mum, Kasha.

Misha wears this bow in two different ways the first as a hair clip and the second as brooch, giving us major gossip girl vibes. But step aside Blair, as there is a new accessories queen in town.

Photo credit: piqinita.co.uk

Photo credit: piqinita.co.uk

Another item named after a member of Misha’s family is the Anya hair slides (named after her sister), costing £14.

These two hair slides come in black and pink and are made up of 4 gemstones surrounded by clear diamontes, for a subtle yet glamourous feel to any outfit.

Photo credit: piqinita.co.uk

In case you hadn’t noticed already, all of the items in the collection are named after Misha’s friends and family.

The Kloe crown and Georgia May headband are no exception to this rule, being named after her two best friends.

The Kloe crown, costs £34 and. although it is the most expensive piece in the collection, it is simply stunning.

Covered in pearls and gemstones, this double band crown will look amazing with any outfit.


Photo credit: piqinita.co.uk

The Georgia May headband (£28) is made of black velvet and has a side bow covered in metallic beads with a pearl centrepiece.

What makes this headband so beautiful is the golden bee which sits on top of the pearl centre piece, adding a unique and feminine touch to your outfit.

Photo credit: @misha_grimes Instagram

The last two pieces in the collection are both pink headbands.

The first is the Mia crown, £32. Which has large pearls across the top, again completed with a small golden bee sitting on the top of the pearl.

Photo credit: @misha_grimes Instagram

The second item is the Misha headband, £26.

This headband is in the style of a French braid with small pearls embellished into the design. It perfectly sums up Misha’s style: pink and super girly.

Photo credit: piqinita.co.uk

To explore the collection head over to piqinita.co.uk or pop into Fenwicks where piqinita is stocked.

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