Man’s cutest, most fashion forward friend


Dogs. Is there anything on earth that’s more adorable? Well there is one thing— dogs wearing clothes. Doggy jeans, skirts, fancy dress, furry boots and much more— it’s all out there.

But what if you want your pooch to look cute and stylish?

Easy peasy, just match their outfits to your own.

Here, Beagle puppy Henrik and his owner show you the three easiest ways to do matching— but still cool— outfits this winter.

Coats and jackets

For almost every human coat, there’s a  pooch equivalent. Just look at what you have and Google it, there’s everything from bomber jackets and duffel coats, to faux-fur and wax jackets.


The jackets we used were a women’s Barbour Classic Beaufort jacket for £239 and a Barbour wax dog jacket £39.95. Both available from the Barbour website or pop down to their South Shields store and check out what they have.


Matching your dog’s T-shirt to your own is easier than you might think. With the massive selection of dog clothes available now, chances are you’ll find a match pretty easily. If you can’t find one, try looking at baby clothes for a match.


We chose a Comme Des Garcons Play long sleeve T-shirt for £105.00 and a striped baby T-shirt (multipack with three different colours) for £6 from George at Asda.


The cheapest way to match is with a matching scarf. If you can’t find a match from the selection of dog scarves available, try making your own. If your scarf is an all-over block colour or a common pattern like tartan, stripes or polka dots, all you need to do is find the matching fabric in a haberdashery shop. Just sew or hem the edges with hemming tape and you’re ready to go.


We chose a women’s tartan H&M Scarf for £7.99, and a made a DIY dog scarf from £1 worth of tartan fabric from Sunderland haberdashery.

They say that a dog is man’s best friend, but we say that they’re also man’s cutest, most fashion forward friend.

Dogs should only wear clothes and accessories when under supervision, and don’t forget to remove the clothing if your beloved pet becomes agitated in any way.


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