Milan Styling: What to wear for your next trip

Panic packing before a trip is a feeling we all know too well, mismatched outfits, overweight luggage and the most impractical pair of shoes you own, get dragged to your destination and probably never even make it out of the suitcase.

To ease the looming stresses of packing, we have constructed a guide for some outfits we’d wear for a quick trip to Milan.


Airport duty-free shopping: 

Bag- Longchamp Jumper- ASOS Jeans- H&M

To keep cosy and comfortable, we’d opt for your favourite jumper or hoodie as the airport can be chilly. Pair with a large shopper bag to store your passport, cards and any duty-free purchases.


Cafe hopping:

Coat- GANNI Bag- TU Jeans- H&M

Fancy grabbing yourself an espresso (or a Campari) and seat outside to take in the views? This padded lightweight GANNI jacket is the perfect balance between practical and stylish for walking around the streets of Milan in search of a coffee. I’d also pair this outfit with a pair of comfy trainers and a good pair of sunglasses.

Trainers- ASOS

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