Modern day corsetry

Modern-day corsetry has started to become more of a trend in recent years because of the shape and look that it’s been given. With it going from old fashioned to cool and trendy, it’s changed a lot of peoples opinion on this style choice.

People like Alexander McQueen, Vera Wang and Vivienne Westwood have all had their take on the modern-day corset and made it into their own. They have expressed a lot of ways that this article of clothing can change the way you view things. It doesn’t have to have that history behind it, that it was a chore and a thing that women had to wear to look desirable because it is now all about inclusivity and making it wearable for everyone.

A lot of the Gen-Z corsets nowadays are more ethereal and fairytale-like with whimsical colours and concepts. McQueen made things like the corset effect which was intended to be a form of Armour for the modern woman. Although the original spine corset turned a young Leane from a goldsmith to a sculptor, a lot of his work goes for a lot of money.

For example in Selfridges, one of his corset crop tops goes for just over £1000, which for a designer with such high quality is normal. There are so many types of modern corsets now ranging from glass or wire to corsets that have metal boning, which is the more expensive and constricting ones, to ones that have plastic boning which is cheaper and less harmful.

Corsets have become a phenomenon in the industry these past few years and started to become more normalised and wanted by all everywhere.


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