Modern-day corsets: why they are back from the dead


Corsets have had a controversial and doubtful place in society but, we are taking the beautiful piece back from the grave.

Rather than the immensely restrictive and misogynistic meanings behind the corset, this mood board focuses on the feminine and trendy nature of the piece. The mood board is dominated by the influence of cultural and famous icons of this generation (Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Rihanna) who have all used the corset in their street fashion with the overall intention to enhance their figure, feminise and make a statement.

Due to the past sufferings with women who tight-laced (laced their corsets tighter than their real waist size to achieve a smaller waist) corsets, are speculated to have been destructive and cause of faintness, compressing of the ribs and organs but, these do not happen if you lace the corset to your actual size.

Rihanna uses the corset in a ‘sleek casual’ way; using, the very trendy and, comfortable, earth tones to make this item that seems ‘uncomfortable’ and making it casual, cosy and trendy. Seeing what would have been for the higher class and formality as casual wear creates such amazement.

Bella Hadid is wearing a bustier which highlights under the breast which takes the masculine-looking suit, giving it a feminine and more fitted look. On the other hand, this could be seen as controversial due to the social pressure on women and younger girls to be skinny and feminine but Hadid’s androgynous style with the suit and corset outshines this with its fluidity and its rejection of the gender stereotype that men wear suits, women wear dresses.

Many brands have jumped into the trend, especially those of designer brands due, to the luxuriousness of the corset. Dior and Alexander McQueen used the corset in their recent collections, creating a feminine uniqueness to the runway and everyday fashion.

Adding the corset to any outfit would be a great way of tailoring it to your shape and highlighting the beauty of your body; buy your own.


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