The modern-day corset

The modern-day corset is something that can be worn in multiple ways. It is not just your typical piece of underwear. Corsets are not just worn on the runway either, they are now available on the high street and can be styled to streetwear that can also look very casual and trendy.

The corset is well known for being uncomfortable however fashion brands like Pretty Little Thing have now created a tracksuit-style corset, showing how they can now be classed as lounge-wear. In the 1500s they were classed as upper-class garments.

Prices of corsets now range from £10 to £100, meaning there are high-end corsets but also affordable corsets. Anyone can afford one, which is why they are now so popular. You can even buy them from Amazon with designs by major brands such as Gucci, Versace, and Alexander Queen.

They aren’t just for women either. Celebrities such as Harry Styles and Ezra Miller both wore a corset for the Met Gala and the after-party. Men used to wear corsets in the past however the way it has changed is that corsets do not have to change your figure, they can be a statement piece.


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