My Favourite Brand: Moschino

Everyone has a favourite brand, a shop they gravitate towards or an e-retailer they spend hours scrolling through monthly. Often, especially in the case of those with less disposable income, this isn’t even the store or label a person buys from regularly, but they still look to the image of the company and the aesthetic it seems to have curated for inspiration.

Image from google images of Scott’s Barbie inspired collection

My favourite brand is Moschino because I love its avant garde and creative style. Franco Moschino’s original collections where often parodies of the haute couture world, with his 1987 being a direct mock of the Chanel style Lagerfeld was cultivating at the time.

He was also known to use pop art and wider pop culture references in his work, which conformed to and simultaneously rebelled against, the garish and vibrant style of the 80s.

In recent years, the current Creative Director, Jeremy Scott, has only pushed the extravagant aesthetic of the brand with collections heavily inspired by Picasso, Barbie, and even Marie Antoinette. This same luxury and opulence can he seen in the shows held by the brand as well as the labels more affordable range ‘Love Moschino’.

There is a fun and child-like element to the expertly-designed garments, which I feel consumers often forget to care about. Fashion is and should be a form of expression, which can be lost in the sometimes bland and uninspiring clothes other designers, stores and label create.

Whilst Moschino maybe out of most of our price ranges, they do some fabulous staples and investment pieces, like their collection of timeless, but still unique, leather bags in a range of sizes and colours. As with most designer brands, they know the value in accessories and thus put as much love and time into shoes and bags as they do their clothing.

For a more affordable way to invest in the brand, look into the range of belts, t-shirts and quirky phone cases the brand produces, which have a much lower price point but still add a touch of the Moschino to any outfit.

One of my favourite pieces the brand has produced is their eponymous leather jackets, which they redesign and re-release every year but never fail to seem overdone or boring. The above is one of their more classic designs, but they’ve also utilised cropped cuts, flared sleeves, studs, embellishments and embroidery to create new styles of the outerwear staple.

Whilst Scott’s work has often been deemed vulgar and down right ugly, he has been credited with reviving the Moschino image, whilst staying true to the brand’s DNA and original beliefs of fashion as a form of protest. This rebellion against the traditions of the fashion world is what makes Moschino such an important and revolutionary player in the industry, as well as my favourite brand.


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