My Freshers Week TopShop purchase

We are all shocked at the news that TopShop may collapse. Megan Fitzmaurice recalls how her first Fashion North assignment in September 2018 ended up with a purchase!

On our very first university trip to Eldon Square in Newcastle, we were told to go out and find a fashion and a beauty item that we loved or wanted to write about. It would be our first article on Fashion North (which seems so long ago now).  

I looked all over and struggled to find an item that would be interesting enough to write about, I was worried that whatever I picked just wouldn’t be good enough or nobody else would like it. Now when I think about it, I realise how naïve that was of me. It was a fun day and gave us time to do what we love the most, stare in awe at fashion and beauty products that are probably out of our student life’s price range.  

In TopShop I stumbled across a denim skirt and matching cropped jacket. The co-ord was red with a black leopard print pattern all over, the hem was raw and the material was stretchy which meant it was figure hugging and flattering.  

I’d never been much of a fan of TopShop before. Everyone in school would rave about their high-waisted skinny jeans that would supposedly “make your bum look great!’” but I never saw the hype.

I walked into the changing rooms skeptical, thinking it would be the same as everything else I’ve tried in TopShop, but alas I loved it. The skirt didn’t quite fit but I still bought it, nothing a belt couldn’t fix. I have to admit my school friends were right.  

Looking back, I wish I’d bought the jacket to match, they do say you regret the things you don’t do.

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