My first Topshop shopping spree

As news of the potential collapse of TopShop and other Arcadia fashion stores breaks, Fashion North deputy editor Lucy Britnell recalls her first TopShop spree


These days, the majority of nine-year-olds are asking for toys or even iPhones for Christmas. But not me.

Rewind to Christmas 2010, I had a TopShop shopping spree as part of my gifts, I remember going into the store and picking out a selection of outfits, including a black bomber jacket with badges and a fawn skirt and jumper.

I wanted more ‘”grown up” outfits, as I remember phrasing it to my mam as I try to convince her to let me shop at a store aimed at teenagers. I had always been obsessed with fashion from a young age and refused to let my parents pick my outfits, always wanting control in what I was wearing.

Christmas 2010

The first full outfit from TopShop I ever bought was worn on Christmas Day.  It was a fawn skater skirt and fawn jumper with puff sleeves and sparkle detailing. I remember feeling so cool and grown up, I wore it with a pair of black Chelsea boots and the bomber jacket, also from TopShop.

It is an outfit that I will always remember.  For me, Christmas is such a happy time and growing up I have had some fantastic memories around the festive season. Still to this day, every year on Christmas day I get a brand new outfit which is usually always from TopShop.

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2017

For me my first outfit from TopShop started my love for the brand. Ten years on, I am still a regular shopper at the brand and the news of its possible closure has hit me hard. I have a lot of happy memories of the high street chain, from shopping on a weekend with school friends to these particular outfits from my childhood that hold so many memories.



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