My Milan fashion inspo

We had the amazing opportunity to visit Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world during Fashion Week this year.

We got to experience Milan for all it has to offer from the Armani Silos museum, to watching celebs entering fashion shows, shopping sprees and spa days. We really wasted no time at all. 

Here’s some fashion inspo we shot before we jetted off: 

First and foremost an airport outfit is possibly the most stressful outfit to plan. There’s always the question of choosing between a cool outfit or comfort. 

I paired a fur coat, with a grey hoodie and black wide-leg jeans paired with some Ugg boots. I definitely opted for a cool outfit over comfort here, mainly to save room in my suitcase. At least I didn’t have to get changed before we went out for the day! 

For walking around and visiting the museums and shops I wanted something that would keep me warm without having to carry a jacket with me in case it got too hot. We really were not sure what the weather would be like, looking back I definitely needed a coat and umbrella! 

I paired an oversized boxy jumper with some black shorts, tights and knee-high boots. Simple but still one of my more dressy daytime options. 

Of course, when it came to the actual trip I overpacked and had about ten other outfits to get through that were definitely not suited for the rain. 


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