One Brand Styling at The Bridges Shopping Centre

At Fashion North, we were challenged to create a whole outfit using only one store from The Bridges in Sunderland. We headed straight to Primark as they are fabulous for offering so many different styles, and in recent years, they have really upped their game in both style and quality.














For this outfit, we really wanted to go for the minimalist ‘off-duty model’ look that is so popular at the moment. We achieved this by going for a super simple look of a white baby tee, straight leg jeans (which we sized up to give a looser, more low waist appearance), and a washed grey bomber jacket.

We then accessorised with a grey crossbody bag and some silver jewellery, which is a signature look for Poppy our model. This was super important to us while styling this look – striking a balance between displaying the brand’s essence, but also ensuring that Poppy’s own personal style could shine through in details like the jewellery and darker colours, which she loves.

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