My personal style: Looking cute in the gym

Now I love the gym and I think people just see the gym as a sweaty, stinky and stressful environment which I totally get! However, with wearing a cute gym fit totally sets you up to smash a session. This is why my personal style is heavily influenced by the gym, as I’ll be going to the gym anyway so it’s easier to not get changed. The gym is when I feel most confident.

The way gym clothes are designed it to be quite figure hugging but still comfortable which makes your figure look amazing! It also really motivates me to go to the gym. Catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror isn’t as daunting when you’re looking fire in a gym set. I also wear different kind of sets for different days at the gym, so for legs I’ll always wear shorts then on an upper body day I’ll always make sure to have my arms out to se those muscles pumping. But this all depends on what you feel most comfortable in as that’s what the gym should be all about.

For gym and gym fit inspiration I’m heavily influenced by a few fitness girlies such as:

  • Lucy Davis is a huge influence of mine as she always has matching gym fits and looks so trendy whilst doing the most craziest excesses like when she ran her 100km she looked amazing and that’s how I aspire to be. @lucydavis_fit
  • Holly Brooks was probably one of the first fitness influencers I’ve ever followed and is the main reason I got into running, as she started from weight lifting to being now being weeks away from her first marathon, and she always looks good whilst working out and has specific gym sets for different gym days. @hollyb_fitness
  • Ella Mintram is the most realistic fitness influencer ever. And I just love her for that. She shows how real bodies actually look in the gym as its important to remember everyone looks good at the gym and to never hide or be embarrassed of your body.  @elmint

So this look is all from Primark. There is a huge stigma around gym clothes being expensive but this whole outfit (excluding my trainers) cost me around £25 and is super easy to find.

Sports bra



However, my shoes are  Nike Zoom Air fire 

To spice my outfit up a little I have a pink cow print Apple Watch strap from coconut lane

This outfit I would typically wear on a running day/cardio as the jacket would keep me warm enough to not get cold but to not over heat. I find shorts easier to wear as well as I tend to get chub rub bite a lot and we don’t want that!

So next time you’re not motivated to go to the gym, throw on a cute gym set and smash it.

Let us know at @fashion_north on Instagram what your fave gym set is and why.


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  1. Pauline Morrell
    01/31/2023 / 13:49

    Wearing lovely outfits encourages the young to look after their appearance, their figures and their health. A lovely article.

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