New Year’s Eve fashion shoot: three outfits one set of heels

With 2023 coming to a close, the new year is just around the corner, and so are the celebrations that come with it. This is where our team found inspiration for a new photoshoot to get you ready for your own New Year’s eve night out, with three outfits for one pair of shoes.

The outfit for this look is from H&M paired with shoes from Primark.

The red and black colour palette used in this look is fitting for any night out, with the red of the shoes also being perfect for the festive period. The heels used are also a bargain being available for less than £20, so what’s not to love?



The top and skirt seen here are H&M with the shoes from Primark.

This outfit keeps the colours of the first look but with a bit of a change in adding a hint of glitter for that extra sparkle every celebration needs. It’s also just as affordable as the first look, with H&M prices being some of the best on the high street.

The jumper and top are H&M, the trousers are vintage E-vie with shoes from Primark.

For the vintage enthusiasts reading, this outfit pairs a set of gorgeous vintage trousers with the red Primark heels and a black top and jumper from H&M for a series of warm, dark tones perfect for any night out.

Will you be taking inspiration from any of these looks? Or potentially grabbing the same heels we used? Let us know on Instagram @fashion_north and follow us for updates on what’s happening with North East fashion.


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