Pep & Co, Sunderland’s Budget Fashion Outlet, to hit One Million Customers


Affordable fashion brand Pep & Co announced today that after only 5 months of business, they would soon hit one million customers.

Drapers reported that the company was “on track to serve its millionth customer in early December” only a few months after it opened it’s first store in Kettering on July 1.

Sunderland is the home of the flagship Pep and Co store, meaning it is the biggest branch of it’s kind. Keen-eyed shoppers may have noticed the shop opened in August this year next to Halifax in the city centre.

Offering budget clothing for women, men and children with a little home-wear thrown in between, Pep & Co’s success seems to be going from strength to strength.

Former ASDA boss, Andy Bond, and former Sainsbury’s and Matalan executive, Adrian Mountford, own the company and aim to open 500 stores nationwide.

The Sunderland branch seems to be a hit with consumers perhaps due to their excellent price point, with shoes from £4 a pair, basics from £3 upwards and children’s wear from £2.

Jasmin Chesterton, sales assistant in the Sunderland branch of Pep & Co, said: “Our stores seem similar to some low-cost retailers like Primark and George at ASDA, but we are more focused on what a mother would want for herself and her children.

“Although the Sunderland store was one of the last to open, it’s the biggest in country and we’re excelling all of our sales targets.

“People love our store, we always get positive comments from customers and they enjoy the things we sell here.

“There’s a low cost price point and mums in the area love to come in and buy for themselves and then the kids. The children’s leggings always fly off the shelves because its such an essential item for the little ones and basic t-shirts are our biggest seller in Womenswear.”

Andy Bond, owner of Pep & Co told the Guardian that: “the stores will appeal to those who are largely reliant on public transport and who want to be able to shop close to home for convenience and for financial reasons.”

Pep & Co is currently expanding their menswear range and will have a wider selection available in-store in the months to come.

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