Photographer and model Dean Hindmarch tells us about his career at Tyne Tees Models


He went from clueless college student to working at one of the top photography and modelling agencies in the North East. Tyne Tees Models photographer, editor and model Dean Hindmarch burst into his dream career industry less than two years ago and although he’s came across some tough battles along the way, the last year has been the best one of his life.

He was late, although I let him off since he claimed to have been on a few fashion shoots and had a 6 o’clock finish. I’d ordered him a pint of Carling although he didn’t seem fazed when he did arrive, to find out that they did not sell the Fosters that he had originally asked for. I studied the proud look on his face as he took a sip from the glass and I notice, to my surprise, he didn’t have a camera around his neck or messy hair or a pen behind his ear that one might expect a creative person to stereotypically look. In fact he was relatively smart considering it was late in the day, and the one thing that stood out was that neatly trimmed beard.

“My uncle is my inspiration” Dean beamed: “He’s 64 now and he’s had a really successful photography career so far, I wish to follow in his footsteps.” Dean continues and shows me images on his iPhone of the fashion shots he and his uncle have worked on. He faintly smells of recognisable grapefruit fizz and cedar wood, clearly a D&G scent; he has good taste.

Dean landed his dream job at Tyne Tees Models just over a year ago and since then has made some friends for life. “It’s funny, I’m the only guy in the office but I love it, even though I do hear some inappropriate things at times.” He’s talking about the six females that he is surrounded by daily and even though their ages vary from 17-49 they get on brilliantly, “It’s great to surround myself with creative friends.”

It soon becomes apparent that Dean has overcome a massive milestone in his life as he goes slightly quieter: “Before now I had no idea what I was going to do with my life, I hated education. I like to make things happen for myself and I don’t like someone telling me where I need to be.” Dean relaxes into his chair and stared right in my eyes, a passion in his voice claims: “in my job, all of the staff members contribute, we guide each other and I’m not scared to put forward ideas.”

It’s clear that Dean’s job has taken him on a huge journey so far, from modelling for Barbour to doing freelance photography at the Newcastle Fashion Week. He appears incredibly relaxed and talks about being a photographer at the Miss Newcastle Final event and later on, after he’s finished his second pint, he shyly tells me: “Technically no, I’m not single, I don’t want to brag, but she was one of the Miss Newcastle finalists that I photographed.” His cheeks went slightly pink, and then Mr Mysterious looked away and refused to tell me more.

We’d finished our drinks so I thanked him and before he got up to leave he said something that’s stuck in my mind ever since: “You know what Rosie? I wasn’t happy with life before because I hadn’t found what I loved yet, but now I’m content and I want to succeed.”

To check out Dean’s photography check his Facebook page. 


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