To pierce or not to pierce: Everything you need to know about the septum piercing


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Septum piercings have always been in and out of fashion making appearances among the celebrity world, but only recently have they started to become more popular among us regular folk.

Mick, from Doc Black Ink and Piercings, said: “In the last six months they have become much more popular from the increase in celebrities sporting the septum piercing.”

What is a septum piercing?

Your septum is the wall in your nose that divides your nostrils. However, this is never usually pierced. There is a flexible, soft piece of skin between the wall and the bottom of your nose that can be pierced to hold a curved bar or ring.

Who can wear one?

The legal age is 16 and over (with photo ID), but you definitely need your parents approval before coming home with a bar between your nose! The piercing isn’t just for girls either.

Mick, from Doc Black Ink and Piercings, said: “It’s around a 60/40 divide of girls over boys but we believe this is just due to the fashion influence”.

Where did it come from?

Historians date that septum piercings were originally worn in Warrior Cultures in order to look more intimidating to their enemies; the Aztecs are among those who loved it most Instead of wearing jewellery, tribes would stretch their noses and wear elephant tusks as jewellery and leg bones from pigs too. (Not as much a loved tradition in this day and age!)

Does it hurt?

It’s a piercing, so depending on your pain threshold it will sting even just a little. Septum piercings are notorious for making people cry, but this isn’t because of the needle. The skin is connected to your nervous system, and it’s natural reaction is to make you teary when this particular piece of skin is ever even pinched hardly, never mind pierced.

Anja Ellen was 22-years-old when she got her septum pierced, now 23-years-old she said: “I have always thought they were really interesting and different. I love piercings but never thought I had the guts to actually go and get it done. It was during my final year at uni, and I think it was more of a ‘spur of the moment’ type of thing”.

Although popular among celebrities, the piercing is still considered an alternative and youthful trend, with the older generation generally not liking or accepting it. So this makes it a problem in work situations regardless of whether or not your employer is strict.

Anja said: “I’m currently torn between hiding it or leaving it for my shifts at a local golf club where the ladies in particular are quite vocal about it and show their disapproval for it. I feel that I shouldn’t be discriminated against.”

This is where the faux septum rings come in! If you don’t fancy getting a real bar or can’t because of work, you can buy a faux septum rings to give the illusion of a real piercing but without the pinch and the needle.

I'm wearing 'All My Life' as sold by Lamoda

Catharine is wearing the ‘All My Life’ faux septum, ring as sold by Lamoda at £2.99

The are of the faux is simple balance; there are two balls on each end of the ring so that is can be placed in between your nostrils. They are really easy to wear and they’re great to give your face a little something extra for your next party.

Faux septum rings can be ordered online at Lamoda and Etsy.

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