Platinum hair care: our top tips

Almost every winter there is a surge in people changing their hair colour to warmer tones with the feeling that these shades are more seasonally appropriate. However, 2016 seems to be the year of the bleach blonde bombshell without seasonal restrictions.

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Everyone from Candice Swanepoel, Jennifer Lawrence, Gwen Stefani and even Kim K, have dared to go icy… and this year the pack is expanding. Recently, stars such as Taylor Swift, Zoe Kravitz, Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber have all turned to the bleach. But, there is one icon that is stealing the limelight and emerging as the new Ice Queen of the pack and causing quite the trend, obviously, no other than Miss Kylie Jenner.

Platinum hair is notorious for being difficult to maintain and is often more prone to splitting due to the harshness of the bleach, therefore Fashion North has rounded up the best ways to care for your platinum locks!

OLAPLEX (£31.99)

Olaplex is a must-do treatment if your blonde or thinking of going blonde. The treatment works wonders for damaged hair and is an alternative method to just purely using bleach. Users have seen massive improvements in the strength of the hair afterwards and slowly but surely, every hairdresser seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of using this wonder product!

A Good Shampoo

Yes, amongst everything else us blondes have to do extra to maintain our hair, buying a special blonde shampoo comes on top of that. No one wants brassy, yellow tones to take over their light hair so a purple optimising shampoo is essential. These shampoos work to tone down the yellows in blonde hair and create amazingly edgy and on trend silver shades – just like Kylie’s. We recommend either ‘Indola Innova’ silver shampoo (£8.60 here) or ‘Provoke Touch of Silver’ (£1.75 here) for best results.

PLATINUM HAIR polyvoreA ‘Fab’ Brush

Blonde hair is prone to falling out more than brunette hair due to split ends therefore a light, non tangle, sensitive brush is a must. A Tangle Teezer (£10.99 here) or a Wet Brush (£11.99 here) will do the job!


Argan Oil (Superdrug have a variety here) and Moroccan Oil (£31 here) make the ends of your hair incredibly soft and work to introduce those hair oils back into your hair that you may lose through the use of straighteners or hairdryers. Give them a go and you’ll see a huge difference.

Heat Protection

Whilst we all love poker straight or tousled tresses these looks come with a price and a good heat protection spray (Boots have a range here) helps prevent further damage to the hair and creates a barrier for your icy hair.



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