“Preppy” season is coming again!

As the season of wearing extra layers is coming to a close and the season of no extra layers needed is approaching. In April, there usually is a rise in temperatures.

Geek chic also called “nerd style,” is the upcoming 2024 fashion trend. With it, a style called “Preppy” based on “Geek chic” is also emerging rapidly. Preppy look, a word from “prep,” which means students from prestigious private high schools in the United States, comes from their favourite style.

There are many similarities with Ivy looks that were popular in the past, but if Ivy Look is aiming for a more traditional style, the “preppy style” has a more casual vibe, such as adding more cheerful colours.

A preppy look is based on a neat shirt and cotton pants, with ties, scarves, hats, and loafers to bring out the elegance and cleanliness of the look. The tip is to style it through relatively neat pants rather than a super wide fit.

Here are examples of influencers who styled the “preppy look”:

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Lara(@lara_bsmnn)님의 공유 게시물

Influencer Lara accessorised her “preppy” look with a grey, oversized jacket and a matching miniskirt. She wore knee-high socks, a Bottega Veneta bag, and a tie in crimson, giving off an air of sophistication.


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Dana Evans(@danaevans6)님의 공유 게시물

Dana Evans wore a combination of tuxedo shorts and a leather jacket to seem “preppy.” She completed her outfit with knee-high socks in the colour baby blue and a see-through white blouse, as her slacks and jacket were both dark in colour.


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Ines Silva(@irisloveunicorns)님의 공유 게시물

Ines Silva exuded coolness and cuteness in her vividly coloured ensembles. She brought up the formal mood by wearing a shirt underneath her blue sweatshirt, and she accessorised her look with a wide belt and denim trousers.

Here are some outfits that could help you style the “Preppy look”:

Zara Oversized blazer – £49.99

H&M Linen-blend shirt – £18.99

Zara Leather loafers – £49.99

How are you going to style your spring preppy look? Let us know on @fashion north!


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