Elevating Street Style: Newcastle’s Nightlife Fashion Scene

Newcastle upon Tyne is a city known for its electrifying nightlife. From chic bars along the River Tyne to lively clubs in the city centre, Newcastle’s nightlife offers a powerful canvas for fashion lovers to showcase their style. We hit the streets of Newcastle to chat with locals about their fashion choices on a night out, analysing the stories behind their garments and finding out the inspiration for their outfits.

Charlie, 21, Newcastle. 

Charlie is a 21-year-old Californian currently studying in Newcastle through a student exchange programme. She described her style as a mix of soft grunge and indie fashion, she drew inspiration from “artists like The Strokes and Amy Winehouse, who are known for their bold yet simple outfits.” She effortlessly blended edgy aesthetics with relaxed vibes, Charlie’s garments reflected her “love for music, comfort and her readiness to dance the night away.”

Outfit details:

White fitted t-shirt – Unbranded independent store

Black skirt – Shein

Black boots – Dr Martens

David, 23, Gateshead.

David, an aspiring 23-year-old artist living in Gateshead, drew inspiration for his fashion from the iconic 90s hip-hop culture, heavily influenced by stars like Nelly and Usher. David told us he “implemented bold block colour separation techniques, which made his look eye-catching and enabled him to steal the spotlight on the dance floor.” David wore thrifted baggy denim blue jeans to further resemble the late 90s fashion scene. David claimed the outfit gave him “a large confidence boost and made him feel comfortable yet stylish.” 

Outfit details.

Baggy denim jeans – Unbranded from a thrift store.

White t-shirt – Zara

White trainers – Nike 

Roberta, 21, Newcastle.

Roberta, a 21-year-old, who resides in Newcastle, sported a PV puffer jacket, and simple black mini skirt, she paired the outfit with bold fishnet tights and buckle leg warmers along with chic black boots. Roberta made her scorching red hair the star of the show and said “It added a pop of vibrant colour to the outfit’s dark palette.” Roberta stated that her “daring combination elevated her confidence and showed largely off her individuality and personality.” 

Outfit details:

PV puffer coat – Shein

Black skirt – Unbranded from thrift store

Fishnet tights – Shein 

Black Boots – unbranded from Vinted.

Jackson, 20, Newcastle.

Jackson, a cultured 20-year-old Australian exchange student, embraced the essence of figures such as Paris Hilton. He sported a thrifted silk tank top with vibrant colours, and Jackson effortlessly channelled the spirit of the 2000s. Jackson stated that each colour of his top “evoked a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of his childhood spent watching MTV and admiring artists who embodied similar styles.” Jackson said his style is “not just about fashion – it’s a powerful expression of self-assurance.”

Outfit details:

Vibrant silk tank top – unbranded from thrift store.

Blue denim jeans – Pretty Little Thing. 


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