Primark’s tartan trouser stock trauma in the North East

Primark’s most wanted red tartan trousers sold out or limited stock in the North East.

The Sun’s fashion find article on the red tartan trousers here was published on September 9th and they’ve already sold out in multiple stores in the North East.

If you’re a regular shopper at Primark, you’d know their stock can change weekly and any popular item goes out of stock fast.

Tartan trousers seem to be in high demand after the summer Clueless tartan skirt craze. When we went into our local Sunderland Primark in the Bridges, we only found one pair of the high, in demand £13 red tartan trousers in a size 4. We asked someone in the department if they had any others in stock and she explained that as Sunderland is a smaller shop they don’t have as much stock as Newcastle or the Metrocentre, so we may have more luck there.

So, we decided to ring all of the Primark’s in the North East to see if larger shops had more stock. We weren’t expecting to hear what we did…

Newcastle has none in stock and it was explained that a lot of other people are asking for them as well. Darlington had none in stock, Hartlepool had no red tartan trousers in stock however, they did have other tartan colours. Not all hope was lost, as you may be able to find your size in the Metrocentre where they currently have sizes 4 and 20 left in stock and Middlesbrough explained they have very limited stock left.

Have you managed to buy the tartan trousers that we all want? Tweet us a pic to @Fashion_North


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