Save Your Skin This Winter

It’s getting to that time of year again, the scarves are coming out, knee high boots are being pulled from the depths of your wardrobe and you’re wearing so many jumpers you look like Joey from Friends!

We all know how cold it can get here in the North East and the wind dries out your skin so much it ends up feeling like sand paper, but Fashion North is here to help; we’re going to bring you the top tips from the experts to help save your skin from the cold and wind this winter.

Jo Leversuch, a freelance makeup artist living in Darlington, has given us all her top tips for keeping on top of your winter skincare regime: “Start moisturising, it doesn’t matter what age. Take your makeup off every night, it doesn’t matter whether you’re coming in at 2am or 5am.

“I always moisturise my skin, and if I haven’t got a sun cream in, I will use a tinted moisturiser.”

It’s just as important to apply SPF to the skin in the colder months, the sun is still there, we just can’t feel the rays as strongly.

Imogen Culbert, account manager and beauty advisor at Benefit Cosmetics said: “A serum is good because it sinks to the bottom layer of your skin and helps regenerate your skin from the inside, boosting your collagen and elastacin.

“An eye cream is important too because the skin around your eyes is eight times thinner than anywhere else on your body so during winter and the cold weather it’s important to make sure it gets extra nourishment.”

Our expert’s gave us their top 5 skin survival products for this winter. Whether you have a lot of cash to spare or only a little, we’ve got you covered.

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