Seeing double; She’s wearing the same outfit as me!


It’s happened to the best of us, at one fashion moment or another. You could be going to work or arriving at a party, then boom, you see someone wearing the same outfit as you. And the terror sets in.

It’s the same dress, jacket, shoes or even bag. You don’t say anything to each other, but you both become aware of the dilemma. Awkwardness lingers in the air. After enduring a few short minutes of this fresh hell, you come to the realisation that action is required. It appears that there are five options in this uncomfortable situation.

  • Run & Hide! This option is only for the most extreme cases of wardrobe clashes. When the people around you start to question if the Cheeky Girls duo is having a reunion.
  • Avoid! A concrete option for this embarrassing circumstance if you happen to find yourself socialising within a large group of people. Slightly trickier if there are just a few of you.
  • Improvise! A great plan if you’re the type of person who leans towards the more creative side. Once you’ve located the bathroom, the objective is simple. Style your outfit to look as different as possible. Wrap that scarf around your shoulders like a shawl, use your mini skirt as a boob tube and rip those jeans into some make shift denim shorts! Again, you will be limited to the materials in hand.
  • Own it! Channel your inner Beyoncé and make the best out of a bad situation. It’s actually quite funny when you think about it.
  • Laugh it off! Joke about it with the other girl, snap chat a picture to your friends about it, compliment her on her fabulous outfit choice; who says you have to be ashamed?!

Trust me, I know this because I too have fallen victim to the matching outfit predicament. In a recent Fashion Journalism workshop at the University of Sunderland students, Josie Bell 21 and Stephanie Andronicou, 23 wore the exact same outfit, down to the shoes. They couldn’t run, they couldn’t avoid each other and they didn’t have time to improvise. They simply had to own it.

Have you ever found yourself in this dilemma; where someone else was wearing the same outfit as you? If so tell Fashion North how you handled it or tweet us your pictures to @Fashion_North.



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