Sequin Sisters

Sequins and sparkles will never be outdated. In every fashion capital, glitter and glam go together indisputably – from designers such as Dior and Tom Ford all the way to Gucci. And the best thing about it is you can grab sequins on the high street, not just high end.

Unbelievably sequins have been around for centuries but were first made popular when King Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922, as he was found with metal disks on his garments. He was alive in 1341 BC, this was when the fabulous trend began to unfold. From this discovery in the 1920s, women’s ball gowns were covered in similar metal disks.

Conglomerate Versace never disappoints, as the Spring/Summer 2018 catwalk was literally dripping in golden sequins! Aside from this being extremely sophisticated and chic, Versace pulls it off effortlessly. Other brands such as Mark Jacobs and Gucci also featured sequins on their 2018 catwalk, what more proof do you need that sequins are the next big thing?


Rapper and fashion icon Nicki Minaj always does justice in her sequin outfits! Here she is wearing a mesh and sequin Tom Ford dress which is effortlessly classy. At Fashion North we do all the research to get similar looks for a fraction of the price!


Online websites and high street shops stock sequins in continuously, so you won’t have a hard time finding an outfit! Fashion North found a dupe for Nicki’s Tom Ford dress, at only £23.


Incase you don’t want to be Oscars glam 24/7 here’s some more casual looks Fashion North found straight from the high street. At Reiss, here is a much more casual sequin jumper priced at £55 currently in the sale from £130! Sequins and glitter can be worn confidently by any age range, they are very diverse and anyone can pull them off! 


Looking back in time, sequins were huge in the 40s and 50s especially when icons such as Marilyn Monroe consistently wore them! Everyone knows Marilyn for high fashion and complete glamour, and sequins were the way to achieve that goal! Many garments reflect from sequin history, as even the previous Tom Ford dress worn by Nicki Minaj is similar to Marilyn’s.

Sequins are such a huge trend because they’re so diverse that anyone can wear them. They can be worn on a red carpet dress or attached to a Juicy Couture tracksuit! Also, sequins glamorise and make any garment look expensive (even if they’re not). That is why they’re constantly in every fashion capital. Sequins are so timeless, and will go down in history. Which is why you need to get your wardrobe covered in them!



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