Stylist Helenlee gives University of Sunderland students tips on going into business

Personal stylist Helenlee has become a successful brand in her own right. From working with television presenters to being her friends ‘go to’ for a girls night out; Helen’s success has come at a fast pace.

Helenlee has styled fashion shoots for magazines, carried out wardrobe edits for personal clients and recently styled Sky News TV anchor Jayne Secker for the Royal Television Society Awards. She was also lucky enough to attend the event  with the newsreader, which she described as an ‘amazing opportunity.’

The stylist, who runs fashion blog HelenleeLoves, recently took time out of her busy schedule to talk to fashion students at the University of Sunderland on how they too, can achieve their dreams.

“It all started with an Instagram post”, says Helenlee. By posting an image of something she liked with the caption ‘I love this’, Helen began generating content without realising it. When it was time for her to take the step into a professional career, the brand name, Helenlee Loves, came naturally through her already established social media presence. This is something she stressed was key to any stylist’s success; the ability to generate and share your own content. Without social media, you can’t succeed and your brand and website is what the stylist describes as “your own little corner of the internet”. She told students  having a personal brand allows you to compete and flourish your own style, to expose your creativity and bring in clients from around the world.

Starting out, it wasn’t all paid client based work, the stylist told students.  “I would do friends and family members make-up, they were my guinea pigs and it was all to generate content, “, she reveals. ” This may seem abundantly obvious, but it’s crucial to forming a business around you. It’s important to remember that not only are you creating a self image, a reputation and an online profile – you’re also starting a business, which is entirely focused upon you.”

You shouldn’t be prepared to always work for free though, Helenlee stressed: “It’s about knowing your worth, too.”

Helenlee, who has been a stylist for two years, told students she constantly checks and analyses her statistical data. Online, she found that around 30% of her audience were male even though she is yet to dive into this line of work. She stressed the importance of knowing your audience and how to tailor and target content towards those who you want to work as being paramount to your success, .

“There are lows, but no one will tell you these – or at least not easily”, says Helenlee. “Financially, it’s an obvious risk to take as most will find out.” Students were reassured that their hard work will, eventually, reap the rewards of success.

Now firmly established as a stylist, Helenlee enjoys luxury trips to London with brands such as Karen Millen, where she viewed the latest fashion range alongside top designers who work for the global brand.

In a changing world, Helenlee wants the stylist experience to be more accessible, affordable and available for anyone who wants it.

“It’s all about making someone feel the best about themselves, that’s why I love what I do,”, she says.

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