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Following the recent launch of fashion range Mercy, by Marnie Simpson of Geordie Shore, the North East may be getting the fashion recognition it deserves.

The Geordie Shore ladies give us quite the cringeworthy reputation when it comes to their antics on Tuesday night TV. But their clothing lines are another story. Marnie is the latest of the Geordie Shore girls to release a clothing line, and although the collections may not be to everyone’s taste, the Geordie Shore lot have created affordable collections for our younger generation to enjoy, whilst not having to splurge our well-earned student pennies on. The low costs from the each of the girls clothing lines surprised us, you hear celebrity clothing collaboration and think hefty price tag, but Marnie Simpson’s collection starts from as little as £8.


No we know you might think the Gerodie Shore collections aren’t thier own designs it just has their name, so if this is what you’re thinking then why not try on of the many clothing brands that have come out the the North East. Barbour perhaps, one of the most well-known brands to come from the North East. Barbour is celebrating 120 years of success from its birth in 1894.

Founded in the port of South Shields, Barbour created reliable, hard wearing outerwear among working communities in the area. Through years of being a celebrity festival must-have and the uniform of choice, as seen on Alexa Chung and Kate Moss, the classic wax coat continues to evolve, the brand even winning Best Menswear Brand of the Year in 2012. If you’re thinking the Barbour price tag may not fit with your budget, then try their South Shields store. As well as full priced items, there is also a discounted section to the store. Perfect if you’re trying to save a few pennies.

Paris Fashion Gareth Pugh

Looking a little towards higher end, we have Gareth Pugh. Born in Sunderland, Gareth began his fashion education at the City of Sunderland College and finished his degree in Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins in 2003.

His final collection at St. Martins, used balloons to accentuate models’ joints and limbs (a technique that became one of his trademarks), which attracted the attention of Dazed & Confused magazine. Pugh’s collections draw inspiration from Britain’s extreme club scene and his trademark is his experimentation with form and volume. Elements in his designs include PVC inflated into coats, black and white patchwork squares, somewhat irrelevant to everyday wear.

His ready-to-wear collection in autumn 2006 was a fresh direction to his usual outlandish take on fashion – it included cashmere, leather and mink, with a more luxurious, wearable approach to the modern woman.

No matter what your taste or budget, the North East has proved we don’t all spend our time getting silly drunk and sitting on the side of the kerb with a smelly kebab, we can be recognised as part of the fashion scene.


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